Blackwork embroidery designs

Blackwork doesnt have to be black!

Snow Diamonds and Moose Beds

We had an absolutely gorgeous day, so the dogs and I headed out to enjoy it.

Old fence
Old fence

The snow had melted and then frozen again, creating ice crystals that are so sparkly in the sunshine, they look like snow diamonds.

Shadows and Snow Diamonds
Shadows and Snow Diamonds

The dogs, especially the short little Corgis who struggle in any amount of snow, were so happy to discover they could walk on top of the crusty snow.

Corgis on the snow
Corgis on the snow

We found moose tracks, and investigated the trail.

Moose tracks
Moose tracks
Moose Trail
Moose Trail

The trail led to a moose bed. The moose was long gone, but he left a few moose-beans behind.

Tazzy in a moose bed
Tazzy in a moose bed

Brickwork Blackwork Window

I’ve stitched the second window in the collection from Seba Designs that I started for my New Year’s embroidery project.  This lovely window features cute wrought iron planters which were fun to stitch.

window 2 framed

As I stitched the brickwork around the window, I was reminded of a brick house I lived in many years ago. The house was built sometime in the late 1800’s, and though it had a lot of character, it was drafty and cold. It had been modernized with indoor plumbing, but there wasn’t any central heating. You could place your palm on the kitchen wall and push, and the entire brick wall would move because there was a crack through the mortar that ran from the top of the wall to the bottom. The best thing about the house was a gorgeous row of lilac trees all along the back fence; in the spring the air would fill with their sweet scent, and then I wouldn’t mind so much that the walls weren’t exactly solid.

One more window to stitch in this collection; I’ll be starting it soon. 🙂

SAL Dentelles: Lacy Like a Doily

Our lacework sampler is looking very lacy and dainty with the second and third bands added. I am reminded of the doilies that mom crochets. 🙂

SAL Dentelles with doily

To see other works in progress from the stitch-along group, pop over to Brodeuse Bressane’s Blogspot.

Hearts Galore!

Blackwork hearts galore for Valentines Day!  This sampler-style blackwork pattern is small; a quick weekend project.

Blackwork Hearts for Valentine's Day
Blackwork Hearts for Valentine’s Day

I stitched the pattern on 18 count Aida with Threadworx #1089, aptly named Bleeding Hearts.

The design is 86 x 82 stitches – about 4.75 x 4.5 inches on 18 count; that would be a little more than 6 x 6 on 14 count.

You can find the pattern in my shop, Storm’s Stitches 

Spring Kaleidoscope

With a blanket of snow covering everything outside, I am dreaming of spring! So I created a spring kaleidoscope in blackwork embroidery: pretty flowers and leaves, circled by stylized suns.

Spring Kaleidoscope framed

This is a small, quick to stitch pattern, a nice weekend project.

The design size is 64 x 64 stitches. On 18ct aida that is 3 1/2 inches square, and on 14ct it’s 4 5/8 inches.

I stitched the model with Dinky Dyes #23 Amethyst, Threadworx #11611 Tropical, DMC #4200 Wildfire, and DMC #4124 Bonfire.

Available in my shop: Spring Kaleidoscope

SAL Dentelles Part One

I’ve joined another Stitch-Along, SAL Dentelles  by Brodeuse Bressane. Dentelles translates to lace or lacework, and the very gifted designer, Esther, has created for us a lovely pattern combining cross-stitch and blackwork for a beautiful lacy effect.

Dentelles SAL Part 1

I am stitching with a gorgeous variegated silk floss by Silks4u.  Silk is so nice to stitch with, soft and shiny and it doesn’t seem to tangle as often as cotton.

There is a gallery of completed work on Brodeuse Bressane’s Blog site, pop over and take a look.

Part two of the SAL was released today and I am off to go start it now 🙂

New Year, New Start

It is a stitcher’s tradition to start a new project for the new year. For my New Year’s Day project, I chose this absolutely adorable pattern by Seba Designs. There are charts for three window scenes, and I’ve finished the first one so far:

Seba Designs Cat in Window framed

These cute patterns are a mix of cross-stitch and blackwork. I especially love the lacy curtain, and the bicycle plant stand is charming.

I have used completely different colours than what the pattern calls for, of course!  I had a bit of a lovely variegated gold silk floss, from Silks4U that I used for the window frame, and for the lace curtain I used a gorgeous pink and yellow cotton floss called Jaffa by Dinky Dyes, also from Silks4U. The plant pots were stitched in a variegated DMC floss, a blend of browns and rusts, and the leaves in variegated greens.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Not bad for a few months 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 960 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 16 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Merry Christmas!

A free pattern for you 🙂  Merry Christmas from Storm’s Stitches! free christmas pattern 2014

Free Christmas Ornament 2014 SSHere’s a short lesson on how to stitch blackwork embroidery:

Blackwork Tutorial


Freedom SAL Final Stitches

The Freedom stitch-along is finished and I love how it has turned out.  It was so much fun to stitch this pattern, there is so much variety in the stitches and it was fun to decide how to place the squares for my own unique design 🙂

Look for the pattern in Seba Design’s Etsy shop soon!

Freedom SAL Final stitches

Blackwork Christmas Ornaments

Cute and quick to stitch, these blackwork ornaments will add festive cheer to your tree!

Christmas Ornaments

The designs are small, on 18 count Aida they are 1 3/4 inches by 2 inches, and 2 inches square – a perfect size to pop into a Christmas card, or to stitch as gift tag.

Christmas ornaments size

I stitched the models with variegated Threadworx floss, Red, Green and Gold.

The pattern is available in my shop: 2D Christmas Ornaments

Freedom SAL VI

pink rectangle 2    Freedom’s fabulous squares were fun to stitch, but the most fun in the stitch-along comes from seeing what the rest of the group is stitching. So much variety in the fabric and floss, and each design is very unique, especially with this design. There are some gorgeous colour schemes, including some very vibrant colours, an elegant variegated goldwork, and a traditional blackwork that has vivid pops of reds throughout the design.

You can see these works of art in Seba Design’s Facebook group.  Anyone who is interested in blackwork is welcome 🙂

Freedom’s final squares were released today, and I am off to sit and stitch them 🙂

yellow rectangle 2

orange rectangle 2purple rectangle 2Freedom SAL Part 6

Freedom SAL V

We stitched nineteen lovely squares in the Freedom Stitch-along this week, after the distraction of some Christmas Bells 😉

Seba SAL Freedom V

The eyelets and fans were my favorites:

fan eyes orange fan stitchstar

I’m counting the empty spaces that are left on my fabric (eighteen) and thinking that the next installment of the SAL could be the final one.That makes me a bit sad, but It’s only a few short weeks until the next Stitch-along starts, this one hostessed by Esther of Brodeuse Bressane, another extremely talented designer, and a very fast stitcher!

Christmas Bells Are Ringing!

I think you will want one of these on your tree this Christmas!

Christmas Bell by Seba Designs

New from Seba Designs, these cute Christmas Bells are the most adorable ornaments I’ve seen. They stitch up very quickly, a nice week-end project, and it’s so easy to sew them up. The hardest part is deciding on which pattern to stitch, as there are ten to choose from.

I did finally make a decision and stitch a top and a bottom for my Christmas Bell.

squares for the Christmas Bell

I added an edging of beads, and threaded a ribbon through for a hanger. I think my next Christmas Bell will have beads hanging in the center. Definitely have to stitch more than one!

inside the bell

The bell could be a tree ornament, or if you are decorating your horse for a Christmas parade, several bells tied into his mane would look fabulously festive 🙂

Eddy with a Christmas Bell

Freedom SAL IV

This weeks squares for Seba Design’s Stitch-along, Freedom  were large squares and long rectangles in a beautiful mix of blackwork, cross-stitch, and (my favorite) eyelet stitches. I love the texture that the mix of stitches gives this design.

The most challenging square for me was the one with many half stitches, but the result is beautiful and really pops:

Challenging square from Freedom SAL

I really like the big flower blossom

Flower square from Freedom SAL

but my favorite square is the flowering tree

Tree square from Freedom SAL

If you ‘d like to join the stitch-along, you could easily catch up with the group.

Freedom SAL large squares and long rectangles

Freedom SAL III

Snowy, cold days are perfect for staying inside where it’s warm and stitching blackwork, so I stitched this week’s squares for Seba Design’s Stitch-along, Freedom. The squares were actually rectangles and cute corner pieces.

I really like the squares with the eyelet stitches, but my favorite design so far is the little flower in a pot. So adorable!

I love the randomness of this design, it’s so much fun to stitch. Only a few days to wait for next week’s squares… waiting…waiting…waiting…  😉

Freedom SAL III pic

Freedom SAL II

We added colour to our fabric in Seba Design’s stitch-along, Freedom. We stitched all of the small squares this week, 31 cute little designs in blackwork with some cross-stitch and specialty stitches to add texture.

Stitching on aida cloth instead of even-weave was very challenging for a few of the squares, but not completely impossible.

I did change floss colours, but not to the silks, as they didn’t come in the mail before I started stitching. Claire is stitching Friendship Quilt V in another stitch-along, and I really like the orange and purple combination in her quilt blocks, it’s very pretty. So I started with purple and orange, and added gold and variegated pink and green.

I didn’t follow a plan when deciding which pattern to use, where and what colour. I started with one colour, and then randomly chose a box to fill and pattern to fill it with, though I did make sure that I wasn’t stitching the same colour in adjacent boxes.

It’s fun to stitch, I really like this design! I’m looking forward to next week’s patterns. I wonder if we get the little rectangles next?

Freedom SAL Small squares
Freedom SAL Small squares

Choose Your Own Designs Christmas Ornament

Design your own Christmas ornament— choose from seven blackwork fill patterns to complete this 3-sided ornament.

.  tri-sided christmas ornaments

This sparkly Christmas ornament features a trio of blackwork designs stitched in Christmas colours of red, green and blue with Kreinik metallic braid. The gleaming gold ribbon framing each ornament shimmers with glints of blue, green, red and yellow in the braid, for a very festive touch.

Fill 1 Fill 2 Fill 3 Fill 6Fill 4 Fill 5Fill 7

The finished ornament is small, measuring about 3 1/2 inches tall by 2 inches wide.

3.5 x 2 inches

The ornament is quick to stitch – a nice weekend project –  and it is as easy to finish as a biscornu, just whip-stitch the edges together.

Sewing ornament seams together

3D Christmas Ornament


You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop. Happy stitching!

Freedom SAL

Freedom SAL  Borders stitched
Freedom SAL Borders stitched

The very talented Banu of Seba Designs has released the start to her new blackwork SAL, Freedom, and everyone is welcome to join and stitch along.

We are stitching all of the borders first, and then each week we’ll be given designs to fill the boxes. We can use whichever designs we choose, and place them as we like. Should be lots of fun!

My outline is stitched in variegated gray and blue, but I’m dithering on the rest of the colours, so the ones shown here will probably change at least six more times. I have an order coming in soon, and there’s silk floss… need I say more?!

Although the designer has explained that there will be specialty stitches and recommends stitching on evenweave fabric, I am stitching on aida. This is a very loosely woven fabric though – it starts to fringe itself the moment you pick it up – and I’m hopeful that it will be fine.

I’ll let you know how that turns out!

Kia Ora, New Zealand

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