As I finish stitching a bookmark in blackwork embroidery, I wonder if these whimsical place-markers will still be used in the coming years? Or will bookmarks become a thing of the past, replaced with e-books and electronic bookmarks.

Time will tell, but if they go, they won’t fade fast. Many people still prefer a paperback, or a hardcover.

Meanwhile, hand-stitched bookmarks make a wonderful little gift:

Colourful spring kites
Colourful Kites

Bookmarks are a quick project to stitch for charity:

Free "Paws" bookmark at Pause 2 Help Paws
Free “Paws” bookmark at Pause 2 Help Paws

I plan to keep collecting bookmarks as long as they are around – some of my favorite sayings are on bookmarks:

Go Left
When nothing goes Right, go Left